Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Will Have Weapon Quests, Heroic Adventures, And Strike Missions

Solo Strikes are finally coming to the game.

Destiny 2’s upcoming Curse of Osiris expansion will introduce several new ways to play the game according to the second of three livestreams that Bungie held.

During last week’s second livestream, Bungie outlined three new ways you’ll be able to play Destiny 2 once Curse of Osiris launches:

  • Weapon quests called ‘Lost Prophecies’ which involve acquiring a Prophecy Tablet from Brother Vance (there are 11 Prophecy Tablets in total) and then fulfilling the prophecy by gathering specific items from activities like Strikes, Crucible PvP, and Public Events on Mercury. Once the tablet’s prophecy has been fulfilled you can then redeem it at the Lighthouse’s forge to create a new themed Legendary tier weapon.
  • Heroic Adventures which function as more challenging versions of standard Adventures with random modifiers attached (not unlike Nightfall Strikes). Bungie says Heroic Adventures will be difficult enough to warrant bringing a fireteam, but they can also be soloed if you’re feeling brave.
  • Strike missions which are basically solo versions of standard Strike experiences. Two new Strike missions will be integrated into the Curse of Osiris story campaign, and once you finish the campaign you’ll be able to partake in standard three-player versions of those same Strikes.

The final Curse of Osiris livestream will be held tomorrow, November 29, and Curse of Osiris itself is set to launch on December 5.