Destiny 2's Second Iron Banner Event Is Now Live

PC players can finally fight for the glory of Lord Saladin.

Bungie has kicked off a new Iron Banner event for Destiny 2, offering PvP fans another opportunity to claim victory in the arena and earn some coveted new Iron Banner rewards.

According to Bungie’s latest weekly update post, Destiny 2’s second Iron Banner starts today and will end a week from now on November 28. This time around, the featured game mode is Clash (Destiny 2’s version of team deathmatch) so you don’t have to worry about securing objectives or gathering crests, all you need concern yourself with is killing your enemies before they do the same to you.

Not only is this the first Iron Banner that’s open to PC players, it’s also the final Iron Banner for Destiny 2’s first content season, which means it’s your last opportunity to earn the ‘Shades of Radegast’ season one emblem and other season one-exclusive rewards.