Bungie Details Destiny 2's Seasons And Winter Event

Iron Banner will also be getting some changes for its second appearance.

While attending the recent TwitchCon convention, Bungie hosted its own panel in which it divulged some new information on its future plans for Destiny 2, including just what the heck Destiny 2’s ‘seasons’ are, what will be changing in the sequel’s next Iron Banner event, and what players can expect this coming winter season.

According to Bungie, it plans to divide all content updates and events for Destiny 2 into four yearly seasons. Right now, we’re in the midst of season one, a season which has already played host to events like the Iron Banner and Faction Rally. Bungie says each season will have its own theme, and that certain cosmetic items offered during a specific season might never appear in the game again once that season is over, giving players an incentive to at least check each season’s events out.

As for the second season (which doesn’t yet have an official start date), it will naturally take on a winter theme and will thus feature a special ‘Winter Sports’ version of The Dawning event from the original Destiny. While the first Destiny’s Dawning event featured Sparrow races, Destiny 2’s winter Dawning event will allow players to play a special hockey-esque mini-game find and throw snowballs at enemies in different outdoor areas, and earn new winter-themed cosmetic items like armor sets, ornaments, and more.

Lastly, Iron Banner will return during season two as well, and it will come with a noticeable change from Destiny 2’s recently concluded first Iron Banner: the ability to purchase weapons directly from Lord Saladin in addition to the random rewards earned from Iron Banner Engrams. A new competitive PvP map will also be introduced in season two, and it will likely be featured in the Iron Banner first, much like how the previously released Distant Shores map was.

Stay tuned for additional details as we move closer to the end of season one (which probably won’t happen until sometime after Destiny 2’s impending PC launch) and the beginning of season two.