Bungie Will Discuss Destiny 2's 'Seasons' At TwitchCon

A full panel will outline exactly what seasons are.

Destiny 2 players who have closely inspected their clan profiles might have noticed there’s mention of something called ‘seasons.’ Now, it’s actually a common practice to implement a sort of competitive seasons structure into PvP-oriented games, but what exactly will seasons in Destiny 2 entail? Well, Bungie plans to answer that question and more during an upcoming panel at this year’s TwitchCon convention.

According to its most recent weekly update, Bungie will be hosting a panel at TwitchCon on October 20 called ‘The Seasons of Destiny.’ The panel will apparently answer the following questions (at least according to Bungie):

  • What do Seasons mean in Destiny 2?
  • What will change from season to season?
  • How many seasons can we expect?
  • When does Season Two begin?

Judging by the wording of that last question, it can be assumed that we’re currently in the middle of season one, which is a bit odd since we won’t find out just what the heck seasons in Destiny 2 are until the TwitchCon panel. If you aren’t attending TwitchCon this year, the panel will also be livestreamed via Twitch (naturally).