Destiny 2's First Iron Banner Event Begins Today

The event will last for an entire week.

Back in the original Destiny, the Iron Banner PvP event served as a fun break from the PvP norm and was also a pretty great alternative for gearing your Guardians up if you couldn’t be bothered to raid or run Nightfalls, and it sounds like the event will serve a similar function now that it has officially arrived in Destiny 2.

In this recent weekly update post, Bungie outlined how Destiny 2’s Iron Banner differs from how it was run in the original Destiny. Much like Destiny 2’s core PvP modes, Iron Banner will pit two teams of four Guardians against each other in Control matches, and also like standard PvP, your Power Level won’t come into play, which means you’ll have to rely on your teammates and your own fighting prowess to attain victory.

There will be no bounties to complete or ranks to progress through, instead, every Iron Banner match you play will award Iron Banner tokens (you’ll naturally earn more if you win) and these tokens can be redeemed for Iron Banner Engrams that award special new armor pieces. There will also be an Iron Banner quest you can complete and new milestones to reach, both of which will assumedly grant tokens (and maybe even Engrams) as well.

Also available today (once the weekly maintenance concludes, of course) is the new ‘Prestige’ version of the Leviathan raid. This souped up version of Destiny 2’s first raid features tougher enemies, reworked fight mechanics, and a recommended Power Level of 300. Naturally the gear you earn from the Prestige raid will be worth the added effort you put in to beat it.

Update: Due to a recently discovered exploit, Bungie has delayed the launch of the Prestige raid until Wednesday, October 18 so that it can patch the exploit out.