Destiny's Remaining PlayStation-Exclusive Content Finally Comes To Xbox

A small bit of good news for those who are still playing the original Destiny.

A few years ago, Sony and Activision struck what is assumed to be quite a lucrative agreement (at least for Activision) which led Activision to make specific pieces of content in its recent Call of Duty games, Destiny, and now Destiny 2 exclusive to PlayStation consoles for a specific time period. For Destiny, that time period usually lasted for about a year, but in the case of the game’s third expansion, The Taken King, it actually lasted two years. Well, that two-year period is finally up as of the time of this writing.

Yep, that’s right, if you’re still playing the original Destiny on Xbox 360 or Xbox One, you can now utilize the following content additions from The Taken King:

  • The Jade Rabbit exotic scout rifle
  • The Zen Meteor exotic sniper rifle
  • The Sector 618 Crucible PvP map
  • The Echo Chamber strike
  • Special Sublime Engrams that grant unique armor sets
  • The exclusive ‘Fight Fire with Fire’ quest from Petra Venj

The PlayStation exclusives from Destiny’s Rise of Iron expansion are also now available on Xbox One (Rise of Iron didn’t launch for last-gen consoles):

  • The Icarus Crucible PvP map
  • The ‘Show of Strength’ quest from Tyra Karn
  • ‘Iron Camelot’ armor sets from Dusty Iron Engrams

Of course, for many fans this feels very much like a too little too late sort of situation, mainly because a large majority of the Destiny fan community has moved on to Destiny 2 by now. Meanwhile, Destiny 2 also has its own PlayStation 4-exclusive items, items which aren’t set to come to the sequel’s Xbox One and PC versions until at least Fall, 2018.