Pro-Tip: Max-Level Destiny 2 Engram Vendors Change Their Engram level Every Half Hour

Only certain vendors though.

Here’s something you may not have known even if you’ve been playing Destiny 2 for a while: not immediately redeeming Engrams earned from planetary vendors can ultimately prove to be beneficial, as long as you’re willing to be a little patient.

As Redditor LeafBlitz recently discovered, it seems that specific Engram vendors will have the power level of the Engrams they offer change every half hour. You can actually see this change in action for yourself by turning in enough rep tokens to earn an Engram but not redeeming the Engram straight away. This can be helpful if you’re trying to earn those last few power levels to get up to 280 or even 300 power.

Both LeafBlitz and commenters in the Reddit post note that this half hour change only seems to apply to certain vendors and not to others. The power level of Engrams offered by all standard Tower vendors (Vangaurd, Shaxx, Banshee-44) don’t seem to abide by the half hour rule, but Engrams offered by planetary vendors (Failsafe, Sloan, Devrim Kay, Asher Mir, Tyra Karn) do.