Redditors Aren't Happy About The Taken's Return in Destiny 2

Those Taken Goblins sure are annoying, aren’t they?

While Destiny 2 fans expected the game would see the return of all the base enemy factions from the original Destiny (Vex, Cabal, Fallen, and Hive), some were no doubt surprised to discover that the sequel also include the Taken, a specially modified series of otherwise standard foes from the core enemy factions that were first introduced in Destiny’s The Taken King expansion. Of course, given the unique nature of how some of the Taken enemies function, that surprise quickly gave way to frustration for many.

This recent Reddit thread probably sums up best how much some Destiny 2 players *really* don’t like fighting the Taken. It’s hard to fault them given, for example, The Taken Phalanx’s penchant for launching unsuspecting players off of cliffs with their shield blast, or Taken Goblins shielding other enemy units in an impenetrable shield, forcing players to hunt them down first while the shielded enemy peppers them with projectiles.

Obviously, it’s safe to say that Bungie probably won’t just remove Taken from the game entirely, but if the studio is indeed listening to its Reddit fans, you probably shouldn’t expect a Taken-themed Destiny 2 Raid or expansion anytime soon.