Destiny 2's Faction Rally Event Begins Today

Pledge your allegiance to earn unique armor and weapons.

Today marks the official beginning of Destiny 2’s first Faction Rally event, an event which allows players to hook up with their favorite factions from the original Destiny and earn unique items by fighting for their faction’s favor.

The inaugural Faction Rally will run from today, September 26, to October 3. The three factions from the original Destiny have all returned, and they including the following:

  • Dead Orbit led by the Awoken representative Arach Jalaal
  • New Monarchy led by the Human representative Executor Hideo
  • Future War Cult led by the Exo representative Lakshmi-2

Players can pick their favorite faction and choose to represent them, at which point they will be tasked with going out into the universe and earning Faction Tokens by participating in activities such as Lost Sectors, Strikes, Public Events, the Leviathan Raid, and Crucible PvP. Once a player has accrued enough Faction Tokens, they can redeem them for reward packages that each contain a random selection of faction-specific armor, weapons, and shaders (the packages can also contain Legendary Shards).

Faction Rally will also have a meta-game of sorts which keeps track of how many reward packages are earned for each faction. Once the event ends, the faction that had the most rewards packages earned will be declared the winner, and that faction’s unique special weapon (a Scout Rifle for Dead Orbit, Pulse Rifle for Future War Cult, and Sidearm for New Monarchy) will go on sale. Those who were part of the winning faction will be able to buy the weapon for a mere 1,000 Glimmer, while those who weren’t will have to pay 50,000 Glimmer for the privilege.

Given how it’s structured, it’s clear that Bungie intends to hold multiple Faction Rally events over the course of Destiny 2’s lifespan, so if you don’t end up being part of the winning faction this time around, don’t fret, since you’ll assuredly have more opportunities in the future.