Here's When Destiny 2 Will Get Its First Raid, The Return of Xur, And More

The raid launches on Wednesday, Xur will come later this week.

Now that Destiny 2 is officially up and running, Bungie has gone ahead and confirmed when exactly players will be able to participate in activities such as raids, Nightfalls, Trials of the Nine, and more.

In this recent weekly update post, Bungie laid out a visual roadmap of what activities will be coming to Destiny 2 and when. As you can see in the roadmap image, Destiny 2’s first raid, known as ‘Leviathan,’ will launch this coming Wednesday, September 13. A day before that (i.e. tomorrow), the weekly Flashpoint will shift over to the planet Nessus, a new Nightfall set in the Inverted Spire Strike will begin, and Bungie will officially launch the Guided Games matchmaking feature for Nightfall Strikes in general. Finally, on Friday, September 15, Xur will make his first exodus to Destiny 2 bearing Exotic gifts for players to purchase, and a new weekly PvP mode called Trials of the Nine will kick off.

In the coming weeks, Nightfalls, Trials of the Nine, Flashpoints, and Xur will all make subsequent returns, and you can consult the visual roadmap to see where and when they will each be available. Guided Games for the Leviathan raid will launch on Tuesday, September 26, and on that same day a new ‘Faction Rally’ event will begin as well. In short, if you were at all worried there wouldn’t be enough to do in Destiny 2 once you reached level 20, worry no longer.