Certain Destiny 2 Activities Will Restrict Loadout-Swapping

Nightfalls are being changed as well.

In the original Destiny, players are free to swap between different weapons, armor pieces, and sub-class powers pretty much whenever they want. However, in Destiny 2, certain endgame activities will temporarily disable loadout tweaking, forcing players to carefully consider how they want to equip themselves before proceeding.

Bungie confirmed the above change to loadout swapping in the most recent issue of Edge magazine. While the specific list of activities that will prevent loadout swapping wasn’t revealed, Bungie’s Luke Smith was quick to clarify via Twitter that Raids won’t be on that list, so dedicated raiders can rest easy. The Edge magazine preview also revealed that Nightfall Strikes in Destiny 2 will have a strict time limit for completion, a change which is likely due to the safe yet time-consuming cheesing strategies some players tended to employ in the original Destiny’s Nightfalls.

Destiny 2 is set to launch on September 6 for consoles and October 24 for PC.