Destiny 2 PC Beta Gets Its Own Trailer

The game looks especially good in 4K.

Destiny 2 fans will be able to play the game’s PC beta starting tomorrow, August 29 (or today if they happened to pre-order the game), and Bungie has released a gorgeous new trailer for the beta to commemorate its impending launch.

If you already participated in Destiny 2’s previous console beta, the trailer doesn’t contain anything you haven’t seen already, but boy does it look pretty with its 60-frame-per-second gameplay footage and 4K rendering. Much like the console beta, Destiny 2’s PC beta will allow participants to play through the game’s opening “Homecoming” story mission, the “Inverted Spire” PvE Strike, and two different PvP modes.

The beta will run until August 31 so be sure to hop in and play if you want to directly experience what the full game will offer.