Destiny 2's Crucible Gets An Action-Packed Trailer

Lord Shaxx will be watching.

Much like its predecessor, Destiny 2 will feature a suite of competitive multiplayer modes called the Crucible in which players will be able to prove who’s the top dog among them. In the latest trailer for Destiny 2, you can see just how intense the Crucible will be.

In addition to a variety of both new and returning game modes, Destiny 2’s Crucible will also be undergoing a significant game balance change in that all of its team-based modes will feature teams of four (so eight players total per match) as opposed to the six-player teams found in the original Destiny. This will lead to smaller, more compact engagements that emphasis teamwork as players look to crush the competition.

In the below trailer, you can see how each of Destiny 2’s three different Guardian classes will be able to sway the tide of the Crucible in their own ways. The Crucible will be just part of the overall Destiny 2 experience when the game launches on September 6 for consoles and October 23 for PC.