Destiny 2 Gets Officially Licensed Food, Drinks, And Scented Candles

Bath robes, ice trays, magnets, and more will also soon be available.

We already knew that Destiny 2 would be getting a bunch of official tie-in merchandise over the next several months, but now we have some more specific examples to list, and boy do they run the gamut.

Considering how the original Destiny had a partnership with Red Bull at one point, it’s probably not too surprising to hear that Destiny 2 will have its own themed Pop-Tarts and Rockstar Energy Drinks, both of which will include in-game rewards for those who buy them (exclusive gear for Rockstar, XP boosts for Pop-Tarts). According to these Rockstar and Pop-Tarts teaser sites, codes found on promotional boxes and cans can be redeemed starting on September 1 (Destiny 2 launches on September 6 for consoles).

Other forms of Destiny 2 tie-in merchandise that Activision and Bungie have also revealed include the following:

• Bath Robes
• Scented Candles
• Magnets
• Pajamas
• Ice Trays
• Coffee Mugs
• Key Chains
• Hats
• Stress Balls
• Wallets
• Christmas Ornaments
• Bottle Openers

You can find all of the above (a lot of which can be bought right now) over at the Numskull UK online retailer (certain distributors ship worldwide in case you don’t live in the UK).