Destiny 2 Pre-Order Bonus Rifle Gets Its Own Trailer

Bring on your ice-based puns.

Bungie has unveiled a new pre-order bonus for Destiny 2 which takes the form of a new Exotic class weapon: the ‘Coldheart’ Tracer Rifle. To commemorate the Coldheart’s announcement, Bungie has also given the weapon its own trailer, a trailer which fans of cheesy 90’s music should enjoy immensely.

As you can guess by its name, Coldheart functions a little differently from Destiny 2’s standard armaments by emitting a constant beam of freezing energy when fired. Bungie’s official description of the weapon (which it included in a press release announcement) suggests that, similar to the Iron Gjallarhorn weapon from the original Destiny, Coldheart will be obtainable even if you don’t pre-order Destiny 2, but those who do pre-order the game will be able to wield it much earlier than their non-pre-order compatriots:

“In Destiny 2, every Guardian who fights to protect the City can earn this new Tracer Rifle. Players who have pre-ordered the game will be the first of their friends list to wield it in battle.”

As for the trailer, it shows off both the Coldheart and what looks to be some new dancing emotes that players will be able to equip. Destiny 2 doesn’t launch until September 6 for consoles and October 23 for PC, so there’s still time to score early access to the Coldheart rifle if that’s the sort of thing that will entice you.