Destiny 2 PC Beta Accessibility Details Revealed

Here’s what you’ll be able to play during the upcoming PC beta.

Destiny 2’s PC beta is scheduled to begin on August 28 for pre-order customers and August 29 for everyone else, and now Bungie has confirmed what players will be able to do once the beta goes live.

According to Bungie’s latest weekly update, the PC beta will feature pretty much the same content as the console beta. This includes the ‘Homecoming’ story mission, Inverted Spire PvE Strike, and two different PvP modes; Control and Countdown. However, there will be one minor difference: while the console beta’s version of Control featured the Midtown map, the PC beta’s Control mode will instead allow players to duke it out on the Javelin-4 map.

Sadly, while the new Farm social space was made available for a very brief window to console beta participants, it doesn’t look like PC players will get the same opportunity (though Bungie might slip it in as a last-minute surprise). The PC beta will, however, include subtle changes that were made after the console beta’s debut. Lastly, to help curtail cheating, Bungie also recently confirmed that Destiny 2’s PC version sadly won’t support certain third-party video capture programs like OBS and XSplit. This will apply both to the PC beta and the game’s full PC version.