Destiny Armsday Inventory For August 2

August kicks off with a decent spread of weapon orders.

We’re officially about a month away from the launch of Destiny 2 and what is likely to be a newly revamped version of the weekly Armsday event, but in the meantime, we’re still here to cover what Banshee-44 will be offering this week in the original Destiny.

In case you’re new to Destiny or you just never bothered to check out Armsday until now, Armsday is a weekly Destiny event which happens every Wednesday. Banshee-44, the Tower’s resident Gunsmith vendor, offers a selection of special Legendary tier weapons which players can place orders for by spending Glimmer. Once an order is placed, the player must wait until the next Armsday event (so the next Wednesday after their order is placed) to pick up their weapon. The types of perks which each Armsday weapon can have is randomized, and players can actually wait to pick up their order over multiple weeks since the weapon will be given new perks each week it isn’t picked up.

However, in order to earn the ability to purchase orders in the first place, players must first progress their Gunsmith reputation track by taking the free test weapons which Banshee-44 offers and completing specific tasks with them (kill a certain number of a specific enemy faction, earn a certain number of PvP kills, etc.).

Below you’ll find a list of the weapon orders and test weapons which Banshee-44 is offering during the week of August 2:

Armsday Orders

• Suros ARI-45 Auto Rifle
• Omolon Cocytus SR4 Scout Rifle
• Häkke Jingukogo-D Shotgun
• Omolon Uzume RR4 Sniper Rifle
• Omolon Eirene RR4 Sniper Rifle

Test Weapons

• Häkke Test-A Auto Rifle – Score points against Cabal targets
• Häkke Test-A Auto Rifle – Score points against Fallen targets
• Omolon Test FR1 Fusion Rifle – Score points in the Crucible
• Häkke Test-A Sniper Rifle – Score points against Cabal Centurions
• Omolon Test RR1 Sniper Rifle – Score points against Fallen Captains

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