Redditors Want a Proper Horde Mode in Destiny 2

Giving PvE fans something to really look forward to.

Despite consistent requests from fans, the original Destiny never really got a proper horde mode experience. The PvE-focused Prison of Elders mode that was added in the House of Wolves expansion came close, but it ultimately failed to satisfy horde mode purists (despite being a fairly compelling mode on its own). For Destiny 2, the Destiny Reddit community hopes that Bungie will finally give horde mode fans what they really want: a more traditional-feeling horde mode.

The renewed interest in a classic horde mode was actually spurred on by a sequence in the recent Destiny 2 beta during which the player had to hold off waves of Cabal enemies alongside the Vangaurd NPC Zavala. While the sequence itself didn’t last very long, it inadvertently gave horde mode fans exactly what they’d been craving: a simple setup in which it was just them against waves of encroaching enemies, no added fluff or anything.

One Redditor even took the time to provide an outline for their desired horde mode experience, and many commenters voiced their approval, saying that it would be a much more preferred direction for Bungie to take than simply recycling the Prison of Elders mode from the original Destiny. Bungie still hasn’t revealed any plans to implement a horde-esque mode for Destiny 2, but since it has pledged to get updates out the door more quickly, hopefully players won’t have to wait long.