Destiny 2 Roaming Supers Will Be Easier To Track In PvP

Glowing footprints will tell the tale.

With its massive reworking of Guardian sub-classes, all three of Destiny 2’ core classes will now have at least one ‘roaming Super,’ i.e. a Super attack that is channeled for a few seconds and allows the Guardian using it to move around and seek out new targets. However, as some recent footage recently revealed and was later confirmed in the even more recent Destiny 2 beta, PvPers who use these roaming Supers will have to be extra careful.

As you can see in this gif which was taken from an IGN First video of Destiny 2’s PvP, roaming Supers like the Hunter’s Lightning Staff (from its new Arcstrider sub-class) and the Titan’s Sentinel Shield (from its new Sentinel sub-class) cause the user to leave glowing footprints behind as they move around. This is important since it allows enemy players to more easily try to flank the Super user or, at the very least, move as far away from them as possible. These glowing footprints were later confirmed in Destiny 2’s recent console beta, and it looks like they’ll become a very important element in more strategy-focused modes like the new Countdown round-based mode.

We’ll know the full extent of how these new glowing footprints will affect PvP when Destiny 2 launches on September 6 for consoles and October 24 for PC.