Destiny's Infamous Black Spindle Mission Was Inspired By Call of Duty

Learn about how a certain Mile High Club influenced one of Destiny’s most difficult tasks.

By now, any Destiny player worth their salt at least knows about the hidden Black Spindle mission which is connected to the otherwise routine Lost to Light mission from the game’s Taken King expansion. What many Destiny players might *not* know, however, is that the inspiration behind the Black Spindle mission actually has roots in another popular Activision franchise: Call of Duty.

Speaking in a recent episode of the official Bungie podcast, game designer Rob Engeln talked about how he was inspired by the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare mission Mile High Club, a notoriously difficult mission when playing the game on its hardest difficulty setting, to create a similar experience for Destiny, an experience where the players had to be totally on point in order to be successful:

"The big inspiration for me was actually watching a bunch of videos of people speedrunning Mile High Club from Modern Warfare on Veteran difficulty. What I liked about that was that constant sense of mastery where you could see them anticipating exactly where every enemy would be. They had a script basically that they were following. The key thing that made that work really well was that it was on a timer. You were trying to bulldoze as quickly as possible.”

In Destiny’s Black Spindle offshoot mission (which could only be accessed whenever the Lost to Light mission was the daily Heroic mission), players had to speedrun through the standard mission, trigger a hidden modifier, and then quickly defeat a group of super-difficult enemies before a 10-minute timer expired. Those who successfully completed the hidden sub-mission were awarded with the Black Spindle exotic sniper rifle.