Bungie Fully Unveils Destiny 2's Farm Social Space

Hang out and play some soccer with your friends.

During the opening moments of Destiny 2, players will be forced to abandon the Tower social space as it is overrun by Cabal forces, saying goodbye to a place they called home throughout the entirety of the original Destiny. However, the sequel will feature a brand new social space called The Farm which sounds like it will be an even better and more dynamic social space than the Tower ever was.

As you can see in the below IGN First video walkthrough, The Farm will offer the usual amenities like a Postmaster, vendors, a Cryptarch, and more, but it will also offer other fun distractions that will add to the sequel’s sense of immersion. While each instance of The Farm can hold up to 26 individual players, Bungie says its population of NPC’s will actually shift and grow over time, providing visual cues as to how the player’s efforts towards rebuilding are coming along. There will even be a fully functional soccer field complete with an interactable ball and goal posts that register successful goals.

Destiny 2 players will be able to explore The Farm for themselves when the sequel launches on September 6 for consoles and October 24 for PC.