Destiny 2's Weapon And Armor Rolls Will Be Static

PvP balance should be easier to maintain.

In the original Destiny, most high-end weapons and armor pieces (Legendary and Epic tier items to be more specific) don’t have a specific set of perks attached to them but instead generate a randomized set of perks or “rolls” from a set list every time a player earns the item. This has helped the original game’s lifespan somewhat since it gives collectors plenty of incentive to stick around, but it has also proved to be a nightmare for PvP balancing. For Destiny 2, Bungie is solving the problem by eliminating randomized rolls altogether.

In a recent interview with Mashable, Destiny 2 game director Luke Smith confirmed that all weapons and armor pieces will have static perk rolls in the sequel:

"There aren't random rolls on weapons anymore. Better Devils is a Crucible hand cannon [in Destiny 2], and what it has on it is what it has on it. Period."

Going the static rolls route will certainly help Bungie when it comes to ensuring everything is fair in the PvP landscape, but what about those collectors who live for the thrill of getting a coveted “god roll” (i.e. an exceptionally good set of perk rolls for an item)? Smith said Bungie has something in the works to keep the thrill of collecting in the sequel, though that something might not be in Destiny 2 at launch:

“How can my second, third, and tenth Better Devils hand cannon be interesting? That's a question we should be asking and answering as quickly as we can. We have ideas. While I would like nothing more than to share those ideas with you, we're up against [a deadline]. I don't know if they'll make it for our Sept. 6 [release] date. But we have some ideas that we're pretty excited about.”

Keeping both PvP fans and item collectors happy sounds like it won’t be a fun prospect when Destiny 2 launches later this year. Hopefully Bungie will be up to the task.