Destiny's Final Iron Banner And Trials of Osiris Events Begin In August

The migration towards Destiny 2 is officially underway.

Bungie has announced some important dates for fans of the original Destiny’s PvP scene: the final Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris events that will be held before the transition to Destiny 2 officially begins.

In this recent blog post, Bungie confirmed that both the Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris PvP events will soon be phased out of the original Destiny so that the studio can prep them for their return in Destiny 2. Starting now, there will be a Trials of Osiris event every weekend in Destiny until the weekend of August 11 which will be the last Trials of Osiris for the original Destiny. As for Iron Banner, two more events are planned: one for the week of July 4, and one for the week of August 1. Once the August 1 event comes to a close, there will be no more Iron Banner events for the original Destiny.

The silver lining to the above news is that certain features will remain available in Destiny for the foreseeable future. A number of weekly featured activities will continue to be available, and the enigmatic merchant Xur will continue to show up in the Tower every weekend. Lastly, all content that was previously exclusive to PlayStation consoles will officially migrate over to Xbox in October of this year. Content from The Taken King expansion that was originally PlayStation-exclusive will be available on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One, while PlayStation-exclusive content from Rise of Iron will only be available on Xbox One.

Destiny 2 will launch on September 6 for consoles and October 24 for PC.