Bungie Comments On Destiny 2 Content Release Schedule

Making highly replayable content will be the name of the game.

One of the biggest problems that players had with the original Destiny was that there tended to be long stretches of time (often several months) when absolutely no new content was added to the game, resulting in what colloquially came to be known as “content droughts.” For Destiny 2, Bungie has said it is hoping to combat the content drought issue not by churning out more content, but by making content that is more enjoyable over a long period of time.

Speaking in a recent interview with PC Gamer, Bungie’s PC lead David Shaw talked about how, realistically, there is no way Bungie could make quality content quickly enough to keep all players satisfied:

“As fast as we can possibly make it in the most optimal situation still wouldn’t be fast enough. So we’re not only trying to improve our workflows—not only for the player benefit but for our own benefit as well—we’re also looking into ways of making the content that we’ve got more interesting, and continuing to evolve our end-game. Working with partners like [Vicarious Visions], they are an extension of the team in many ways.”

Shaw clarified the above statement by saying that new features like the PvE-focused Adventures and Lost Sectors are designed to be a sustainable source of repeatable content over the long term, something which should help the perceived content droughts be a little more bearable:

“We can’t make enough that you guys won’t chew through it really quickly. Again, that’s why we we’ve added things like Adventures and Lost Sectors. These are things that are not as full-bodied as a Strike in the cost it takes to develop them, but they’re still really rewarding and they give us opportunities to give you more. The Adventures are about “hey, I really want to learn more about this destination,” and take you along that path. Whereas the Lost Sectors are, “hey, there’s this bad fucking dude loose in this cave, go kick his ass, take his loot.””

In the same interview, Bungie senior software engineer Thomas Gawrys also talked about how Bungie’s basic philosophy towards content for Destiny 2 is that it wants to try to get new content out the door more quickly, but it also wants to make sure all the content it adds is highly replayable so that players don’t get bored with it as quickly as they did in the original Destiny:

“I think the thing there, the high-level key, is that the design is built in a way to make it so we’re actively pursuing it at the angle of “hey, can we make stuff faster?” but we’re also pursuing it from the angle of “how can we build a game that provides this avenue for players to re-engage more frequently without feeling like they’re just bored of the content?””

We’ll see just how well Bungie is able to stick to that philosophy when Destiny 2 launches on September 6 for consoles and October 24 for PC.