Destiny 2's Guided Games Won't Be Available For Heroic Activities

Taking on the game’s toughest challenges will still require pre-made groups.

Destiny 2’s Guided Games feature will be a godsend for solo players, allowing them to hook up with pre-made guild groups so that they can experience endgame activities like Raids and Nightfall Strikes without having to manually put together a group themselves. However, as Bungie recently confirmed at E3, players who want to partake in Destiny 2’s Heroic activities will still have to do the legwork of finding and/or putting together a group manually.

Speaking with Kotaku (courtesy of Gamespot), Destiny 2 game director Luke Smith confirmed that, while solo players can use Guided Games to matchmake themselves into something like a standard Raid group or a Trials of Osiris team, more intense activities like Heroic tier Raids will still require a full pre-made group:

"I don't know exactly how the Challenge Mode layers are going to work [with Guided Games], but the normal-tier activities will be Guided Games, and the Heroics will be find-your-own."

It’s unclear at this time whether this will apply to all Heroic tier activities (Destiny 1 also has Heroic Story Missions and Strikes, and it is assumed both will return in Destiny 2), or just Heroic Raids.

Destiny 2 will launch on September 6 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.