How to Quickly Defeat Balwur in Destiny: The Taken King

Create safe zones and take down adds to make killing this boss as painless as possible

Hello Guardian! This video will help you defeat Balwur. Balwur is a Court of Oryx boss, and you’ll receive a Calcified Fragment the first time you take him down.

Balwur is a fairly tough boss, so try and grab as many people as you can, or join some other Guardians already in the Court of Oryx.

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The premise of the fight is simple. The entire floor of the court is in flames, with only one safe spot to stand on in the platform under the boss. You have to create other safe zones in order to shoot the boss. The only way to create zones is to kill yellow bar Acolytes that spawn, so shoot their faces off and get out from under the boss to deal some damage. The safe zones don’t last forever, so make sure you continually kill Acolytes to have more safe areas.

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Once you are in your safe areas there are a ton of enemies. Switch between shooting Balwur and keeping your area free of adds. Our team usually likes to assign someone to add killing and Acolyte finding. That way you can quickly do damage while not being pestered.

Additionally, keep feeding other Guardians orbs to make add control much easier. One person pops a super and makes as many orbs as he or she can, and when they are done, another Guardian does the same. Because there are plenty of enemies around, you should be able to keep the supers flowing. Just make sure you have offensive supers equipped like Stormtrance, Hammer of Sol and Bladedancer. Finally, make sure you pop your Three of Coins, as Balwur has the possibility to hook you up with a drop.

Defeating Balwur is one thing, but earning reputation in Destiny is a whole other matter.