Destiny 2 will have timed exclusive content on PlayStation 4

An exclusive ship, Strike, PvP map, and more.

During its recent E3 presentation for Destiny 2, Bungie confirmed that the sequel will have some content that will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 during its first year of operation.

According to Bungie, the following content will only be available to PS4 players until Fall of 2018 (at which point it is assumed the content will be made available for the PC and Xbox One versions of Destiny 2):

• The ‘Lake of Shadows’ co-op Strike
• Three different armor sets, one for each Guardian class
• The ‘City Apex’ ship
• The ‘Borealis’ Exotic Sniper Rifle, a special weapon that can switch between Solar, Void, and Arc damage at will
• The ‘Retribution’ PvP map

You can see all of the above content in action courtesy of the below trailer. Destiny 2 is set to launch on September 6 for consoles and October 24 for PC.

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