Bungie Reaffirms No New Balance Updates For The Original Destiny

The studio is chiefly focused on Destiny 2.

Bungie is slowly shifting more and more of its focus onto Destiny 2, and the studio recently reminded fans that an unfortunate side effect of that shift in focus means that the original Destiny won’t be receiving any major new updates.

When Destiny’s Age of Triumph event launched earlier this year, Bungie said it would be the last major update that would come to the game. In its most recently weekly update, Bungie reaffirmed that notion in response to fan feedback regarding potential future updates for the game:

“In our constant watch over the community, we’ve heard many of you asking if the current sandbox will get another design pass. Our sole focus at this time is Destiny 2.”

Bungie went on to say that Destiny 2’s beta will be held sometime during the summer season and that the feedback garnered during the beta will help make the September 8 launch of Destiny 2 go as smoothly as possible. As for those who are still playing the original Destiny, it looks like the current state of the game’s world is how it will stay for the foreseeable future.