Check Out These New Destiny Action Figures From McFarlane Toys

Seven different figures represent Destiny’s three core classes.

Bungie and McFarlane Toys have unveiled a new series of Destiny action figures as part of Bungie’s recent merchandising announcement. The figures include a variety of different looks for the game’s Titan, Hunter, and Warlock classes.

There are seven figures in total; two Warlock figures, two Titan figures, and three Hunter figures. The figures and their associated accessories are as follows:


• Hallow shader with Light Beyond Nemesis, Touch of Malice scout rifle, and Ice Breaker sniper rifle
• King’s Fall armor with Touch of Malice scout rifle and Black Hammer sniper rifle


• Amduat Ink shader with Helm of Saint-14 helmet, Gjallarhorn rocket launcher, and Hung Jury scout rifle
• Vault of Glass armor with Gjallarhorn rocket launcher and Invective shotgun


• Blacksmith shader with Celestial Nighthawk helmet, Thorn hand cannon, and Invective shotgun
• Million Million shader with Thorn hand cannon and Bolt-Caster sword
• Iron Banner armor with Thorn hand cannon and Hung Jury scout rifle

The above figures are set to be released sometime in July of this year and they’ll retail for $19.99 apiece. You can peruse images of all of the figures courtesy of this page on the McFarlane Toys website. The webpage also reveals that additional figures for Lord Saladin and the Iron Gjallarhorn rocket launcher are coming in Fall, 2017.