Destiny 2's Beta Could Begin In July

Some hidden clues seem to hint at the beta’s start date.

Destiny 2 isn’t set to be released until September 8 of this year, but if a recent fan theory is to be believed, the game’s upcoming beta could be arriving a lot sooner than that, as soon as next month to be exact.

As YouTuber JB3 outlines in his below speculation video, there’s evidence to suggest that Destiny 2’s beta could begin on July 17, 2017. Take the following facts into consideration:

• The beta for the original Destiny was held on July 17, 2014
• During a recent Bungie livestream, an image capture of the player’s inventory showed them having a Glimmer count of 17177, an oddly specific number that could be referencing the 7/17/17 beta start date (the maximum Glimmer a player can have is 25,000 so setting the Glimmer count at 71717 is sadly not possible)
• In the same image, a second currency type is set at 98, and Destiny 2’s release date just happens to be 9/8 (September 8)

It’s important to remember that all of the above evidence is circumstantial, and it could just as easily turn out that Bungie is just messing with fans in creative ways. The good (and also potentially bad) news is that we don’t have long to wait to see if July 17 is indeed the Destiny 2 beta start date.