Redditors Want a 'Stay As Team' Option for Destiny's Crucible

The feature has proven to be a hit in Overwatch.

Obviously the most ideal way to play Destiny’s Crucible PvP component is with a few friends, but there are times when solo queuing is your only option. It is for these times that members of Destiny’s Reddit community feel Bungie should implement a feature that went over quite well when it was introduced to Blizzard’s team-based shooter Overwatch: a ‘Stay as Team’ option.

For those who don’t know, Overwatch’s ‘Stay as Team’ feature allows players who aren’t in a premade group to decide at the end of a match if they’d like to stay with the same teammates they just played with and queue up for another match. With this feature, solo players who find that they had good synergy with their fellow randomly assigned teammates can stick together across multiple matches and, ideally, keep the good times rolling.

Given Destiny’s penchant for splitting matchmade PvP teams up when they vastly outperform the enemy team, it’s little wonder that fans are now requesting that Bungie bring a similar feature to the Crucible. Commenters in the Reddit thread actually seem pretty divisive on the implementation of such a feature, but there’s no denying it, along with the mercy rule, would at least cut down on some of the frustration that can crop up in PvP sometimes, since teammates that worked well together wouldn’t be forced into finding new teams if the game felt they were performing too well.

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