Recap the Entire History of Destiny in this Half-Hour Video

This Destiny history lesson is the perfect way to prepare for tomorrow’s Destiny 2 livestream. 

Tomorrow, Bungie will be unveiling the first gameplay footage for Destiny 2, and if you’d like to prepare for the reveal by catching up on the long, and sometimes sordid, history of the original Destiny, a new video from YouTuber Datto has you covered.

Datto’s video, which you can watch below, is only about a half-hour in length. However, in that time it covers pretty much everything about Destiny’s history, starting with the game’s unveiling in early 2013, the underwhelming impression Destiny made when it first launched, the high points of its content cycle (like the Taken King expansion), as well as the low points (including the long content droughts).

The video also offers a more personal perspective into Datto’s life, as he talks about the many trials and tribulations he faced building up a Destiny-focused YouTube channel from scratch.

If anything, Datto’s video shows just how big an influence Destiny has had not only on the gaming community, but also on the various YouTubers and streamers who have covered it. We’ll find out how much Destiny 2 continues to affect the gaming world when it launches later this year on September 8th.

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