Dedicated Destiny Players Complete The Most Ridiculous Challenge Ever

Seriously, this Destiny challenge is one for the history books. 

If you’ve been playing Destiny with any degree of consistency over the past few years, you probably fancy yourself a fairly decent player. Especially if you’ve managed to complete some of the game’s more challenging activities like Raids or Nightfall Strikes.

However, I can guarantee that no matter how impressive your Destiny exploits are, they probably don’t match up to what one group recently managed to accomplish.

In the video seen below, you can watch an insanely passionate (not to mention patient) group of Guardians take down the final boss of every single Destiny Raid, and complete all Challenge Mode modifiers while using no firearms without having a single player die:

According to the video’s accompanying post on the Destiny subreddit, the endeavor took around 60 hours to complete, and players had to often swap in for each other as playing for the entire 60 hours would be pretty crazy.

The post also includes written outlines of how the group managed to take each boss down in case you don’t have a full hour to dedicate towards watching the whole video.

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