Destiny Player Reaches Light Level 1

The question of how low can you go has officially been answered. 

Six months ago, Redditor Legospyro131 embarked on a rather unusual quest: to see how low of a Light Level they could obtain on their Destiny character. The results are now in, and it looks like the lowest obtainable Light Level is quite low indeed.

As Legospyro131 recounts in a new post on the Destiny subreddit, their previous record was a Light Level of three. Which isn’t too shabby considering even the average casual player is usually sitting at around 200 Light. However, thanks to some additional three Light Exotics they were able to obtain from Xur, the zero Light Level faction class items, and a glitch that allows a player to have no primary weapon equipped, Legospyro131 was officially able to reach a Light Level of one.

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A commenter in Legospyro131’s post pointed out that another player actually managed to make a Light Level zero characters about seven months ago, but reaching Light Level zero actually requires making a brand new character, so Legospyro131 has technically reached the lowest possible Light Level using an existing character.

As you might expect, other commenters were quick to suggest taking the character into the Iron Banner event and seeing how well they do, which sounds like both the best and worst idea.

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