Redditors Remember The Destiny Mission That Many Play, But Few Finish

There’s a very good reason why players don’t bother reaching the finish line. 

It’s certainly true that many of Destiny’s story missions stand out for one reason or another, but the game’s Reddit community recently decided to highlight a mission that is mainly known for the fact that it’s probably one of the most frequently played missions in the entire game. However, many of those frequent attempts actually don’t end with the player fully completing the mission.

As Redditor jomiran explains in a post on the Destiny subreddit, the base game mission Siege of the Warmind has a pretty infamous spot where a large group of easily killable AI enemies can be found, making it a popular place for completing bounties and challenges that involve quickly racking up kills (or for simply farming Glimmer).

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Most players often end up quitting out of the mission once they’re done farming the AI foes, hence why the mission is played so often but rarely completed. It’s a strange yet oddly appropriate form of remembrance, especially now that the original Destiny is in the process of winding down in favor of this year’s upcoming sequel.

Here’s to hoping Destiny 2 will have its own series of unintentionally unique elements. Heck, Bungie might even take some of the more infamous ones and find ways to intentionally honor them in the sequel, once again proving that Destiny is very much an experience that is crafted by the players.

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