Reddit Theory Suggests The Fallen May Be Good Guys In Destiny 2

Could the enemy of your enemy really be your friend? 

There’s a lot we don’t currently know about Destiny 2, both in terms of gameplay and story. While we’ll get our first glimpse of Destiny 2's gameplay on May 18th, it isn’t yet clear how long Bungie will be keeping the story elements of the game a secret. However, one Redditor recently posted a crazy, yet totally plausible theory (considering some recently surfaced evidence)... that players may be working alongside the Fallen in the sequel.

In their post on the Destiny subreddit, Redditor Jofamo argues why it makes sense that the Fallen will become our allies in Destiny 2. First, there’s the dialogue from this Rise of Iron Ghost Fragment. In it, it’s revealed that the Fallen have abandoned their footholds in the Cosmodrome, Venus, and the Moon, and have basically gone into hiding.

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If their will to fight the Guardians has finally been broken, it’s possible they’ll rally under a new leader. Who? Well, the friendly Fallen Variks who’s already proven to be a valuable ally to the Guardians, of course. Jofamo also brings up the established lore regarding how—unlike most of the other enemy factions players encounter in Destiny—the Fallen aren’t actually servants of the Darkness.

Instead, they’re just looking to reclaim the Light they feel was stolen from them after the Traveler turned its attention from them to humanity. Since we know from Destiny 2’s debut cinematic that the Cabal will be directly assaulting both the Tower and the Traveler, it stands to reason that the Fallen won’t be too happy.

Furthermore, they may even wind up allying themselves with the Guardians in order to defeat the Cabal and prevent them from destroying the Traveler.There’s certainly a bit of long-winded reasoning involved, but when you look at all the evidence, it’s actually not that far-fetched to think that Variks won’t be the only friendly Fallen we encounter in Destiny 2. For now, all we can do is wait and see what Bungie has in store.

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