Destiny's PvP Component Can Be Ruthlessly Cruel

The Destiny gods giveth, and the Destiny gods taketh away. 

Well-executed plays and startling upsets are the ingredients of any good Destiny PvP match, but when they happen within a second of each other, they often leave observers scratching their heads more than cheering.

Case in point, the below clip from Reddit. Redditor WPG_BigAL was likely feeling pretty good when—during a recent Destiny PvP game—they managed to score a kill with their Hunter’s Golden Gun super just as a Heavy Ammo pickup spawned right next to them.

However, as the clip shows, all good things have inevitable consequences:

The clip makes it hard to parse out exactly how WPG_BigAL died, and they even said as much in their original Reddit thread. However, as commenters pointed out with the help of the below extended clip, the Titan who WPG_BigAL vaporized with their Golden Gun got the last laugh thanks to the Lightning Grenade they tossed shortly beforehand:

It’s nice to know that, even in the world of Destiny PvP, the universe always finds a way to balance itself out.

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