Learn Why You Should Never Pause in a Destiny PvP Match

The tragic results of bad planning and bad luck. 

It seems like obvious advice to point out that pulling up the pause screen in order to fiddle with your loadout or settings while in the middle of a PvP match isn’t the best idea. To drive this point home, one Destiny player recently learned the outcome of such a maneuver in a rather unfortunate way.

Redditor TheTimebike recently shared the gif seen below in which they encountered a player who’d left themselves exposed by bringing their pause screen up (hence the dots next to their name). Thanks to the insanely fast grenade recharge time granted via the combination of Mayhem Clash, Memory of Felwinter, and Frost-EE5, they were able to do this:

Poor TunaBandits491! Remember kids, when you pause during a PvP match in Destiny, your risk of suffering a humiliating death which could potentially be shared on Reddit increases dramatically.

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