Redditor Defends the Cost of the Destiny Age of Triumph T-Shirt

The small profit Bungie is likely making goes towards charity regardless. 

During the initial Age of Triumph pre-launch livestreams, Bungie revealed a super special reward for players who managed to reach the final rank of the Age of Triumph in-game record book—the ability to purchase a t-shirt that includes a custom sleeve emblem containing the player’s gamertag.

When the t-shirt’s $30 price point was revealed, many fans cried ripoff, but as one Redditor recently pointed out, Bungie actually isn’t being that greedy. Redditor egjosu offered this breakdown on the Destiny subreddit in which they use their experience as a wholesale buyer and some basic math to figure out that it likely costs Bungie somewhere in the range of $16 per shirt.

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This means that—taking standard overhead costs into consideration—Bungie’s likely making about $10 profit per shirt sold. If you also take into consideration the fact that Bungie is donating all proceeds from the t-shirt sales to charity, $30 sounds pretty darn reasonable.

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