Bungie Officially Confirms Destiny 2 With New Logo and Trailer

The game will indeed be called Destiny 2. 

At long last, Bungie has officially confirmed that a full-blown Destiny sequel—aptly titled Destiny 2—is on the way. However, the confirmation likely won’t be that surprising to most fans considering the sequel’s existence was leaked several months ago. Around the time of the leak, Bungie also confirmed that some elements of character progression in Destiny would transfer over to the sequel.

The official Destiny Twitter account recently tweeted an image which shows “Destiny 2” title. Observant fans also noticed that the burning ruins seen in the background appear to be the cityscape surrounding the Tower. This hints that some major upheavals may be in store once the sequel launches.

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Aside from the new image and the fact that players will be able to bring their customized Guardians with them, no additional details about Destiny 2 have been revealed at this time. Nevertheless, more information is expected to be unveiled during this year’s E3 convention.

Update: Bungie recently shared the teaser trailer below which features everyone’s favorite Exo Hunter, Cayde-6 (voiced by Nathan Fillion). The teaser confirms that a full-length reveal trailer will be arriving tomorrow.

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