Bungie Unveils New Raid Armor For Destiny's Age of Triumph Event

Each raid will have one new set to find.

During yesterday’s final Age of Triumph livestream, Bungie revealed the new armor sets Destiny players will be able to earn if they venture into the updated 390 Light Level raids which will be part of the event.

There will be five new armor sets in total, one for each of the four raids and a fifth “Armor of Triumph” set which can be found in the event’s new Treasure of the Ages loot boxes. Several raid-specific weapons such as Fatebringer will also drop in two different forms, Legendary and Adept Exotic (the latter of which have elemental damage properties), while other weapons like Suros Regime and Dragon’s Breath will receive new ornaments.

Lastly, Bungie confirmed that some weapon tuning will be part of Age of Triumph as well. Hand Cannons will receive a slight nerf to range while Auto Rifles will get a global damage boost. Sidearms will also instantly reload when a player opens a special ammo crate in Crucible PvP, mimicking the instant-reload feature which heavy weapons already benefit from.

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Destiny’s Age of Triumph event will go live next Tuesday, March 28. In the meantime, be sure to check out what’s available for this week’s Armsday event, the last Armsday before Age of Triumph changes the landscape of Destiny forever.