Redditors Want a 'PvPvE' Game Mode in Destiny 2

Taking a page out of The Division’s playbook. 

Bungie will no doubt take major strides towards offering a more robust selection of PvP game modes in Destiny 2, and because of this, one Redditor hopes these new modes will take inspiration from Ubisoft’s MMO-esque shooter, The Division.

For those who don’t know, The Division has a large part of its map sectioned off into an area called the Dark Zone. Unlike the rest of the map which doesn’t allow for any sort of PvP combat, the Dark Zone is a sort of free-for-all no man’s land where players can battle both standard AI enemies—and if they so choose—each other.

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What Redditor Echoblammo outlines in their post on the Destiny subreddit is basically a more structured version of the same concept which they dub Faction Wars. While the specifics may need some fine-tuning, it’s actually a pretty fascinating concept.

Here, players could either pledge themselves to one of the three existing factions (Future War Cult, New Monarchy, and Dead Orbit) and working to take/defend territories from both the opposing factions and from groups of AI enemies, or choosing to “go rogue” and just fight everybody.

At the end of each week, territories would be added up and whichever faction had the most territories would win, perhaps garnering some bonus loot for their troubles.

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Obviously some measures would have to be implemented to ensure one faction doesn’t wind up becoming vastly more powerful than the other two (and that being a rogue would have benefits that weren’t available to faction-based players).

Overall, it would be a very interesting concept for Bungie to consider, as they shift their focus more and more to Destiny 2.

In the meantime, Destiny’s Reddit community also has some ideas for how the game’s Age of Triumph event could be more properly integrated when it goes live later this month, on top of some crazy fan theories regarding the origin of Destiny's enigmatic Xur.

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