Bungie Reveals More Details About Destiny's Age of Triumph Event

A lot of good news for Nightfall strike fans. 

Yesterday, Bungie held the second of three livestreams centered on Destiny’s upcoming Age of Triumph event. During the streams, Bungie talked more about how Destiny will be changing once the event goes live. For the second livestream, Bungie outlined how players will begin the Age of Triumph event and what sorts of activities will be available to them once they begin.

We already know the event will introduce Light Level 390 versions of all four raids. Although, Destiny players who don’t care much for raids will still have plenty to do as well. For starters, Nightfall strikes will once again grant a 25 percent XP boost and a special “blue flames” buff upon completion.

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Despite this, Destiny players should remain wary, as a new Daybreak modifier will make Nightfall foes significantly more difficult to deal with (though it will also drastically boost the recharge rate of grenades, melee attacks, and supers).

Along with tweaked Nightfalls, there will also be a new 390 Light Level version of Challenge of the Elders and a brand new 380 Light Level story mission playlist which will cycle between 12 available missions on a weekly basis. The Speaker will also have a new questline for players to work through and the first step in that questline will be completing five of the new story playlist missions.

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Finally, Bungie is making sure that sampling all of the above activities will be worth a player’s time since they’ll grant new item boxes called Treasures of the Ages. These new item boxes will contain a random assortment of items, including a new set of Age of Triumph armor. The Silver Dust kiosk in the Tower will also have its inventory expanded, allowing players to purchase the new Age of Triumph items as well as items from past Destiny events.

There’s one final livestream set to be held next Wednesday, March 22nd, before the Age of Triumph event begins on Tuesday, March 28th. Age of Triumph will be the last major event for Destiny as Bungie shifts focus over to this year’s planned sequel game.

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