How to Quickly Earn Reputation in Destiny

Join a Faction and spend time in the Crucible for more rep in Destiny!

In this video we’ll tell you how to gain reputation with the Vanguard, the Crucible and Factions in Destiny. Reputation is gained by completing events such as patrols, strikes, Crucible games and bounties. Patrols and strikes net reputation with the Vanguard and completing Crucible games net reputation in the Crucible. Bounties are also split up between Crucible and Vanguard. There are 12 slots for bounties so make sure your pick them all and play the game. The ones you don’t feel like doing can always be abandoned later.

Now it’s time to discuss Factions. It’s a must that you align yourself with a Faction. One thing we noticed after the 2.0 patch is you gain reputation for your Faction while gaining rep for Vanguard or Crucible. You essentially receive extra rep for free. Another bonus about factions is they allow you to trade in materials for reputation. You can trade Motes of Light, Armor Materials, Weapon Parts, Special Ammo Synthesis and Heavy Ammo Synthesis. Five Motes of Light gets you 100 rep, 25 armor or weapons parts gets you 50 rep, four special synths gets you 25 and one heavy synth gets you 25. In a previous video we explained why Glimmer was important and this is the reason why. The best way to use extra Glimmer is to buy Heavy Ammo Synths from Variks in the Reef for 250. This will get you 25 rep for 250 Glimmer. This is the best conversion rate. The next best conversion rate involves purchasing five weapon packs from the Gunsmith. This will cost you 1250 Glimmer and net you 50 rep. Extra Motes of Light should also be used for reputation.

Some may think they can’t be bothered with reputation, but on the contrary. Each time you rank up with a Faction, the Vanguard or Crucible you receive a package. In this package you receive four Strange Coins. This is the best way to get Strange Coins in the Year 2 of Destiny. In addition to the Strange Coins you also get a chance to receive a piece of armor or weapon. We could care less about the armor but we love the weapons. These weapons drop with perks other than the stock versions. This is how you get that gun with perfect roll.

One last thing. There are class items that boost reputation by 25 percent. This buff translates to factions as well. Make sure you have a class item that boosts reputation with the Crucible and the Vanguard. When cashing in Vanguard bounties or doing strikes, equip a class item that increases Vanguard rep. The same thing applies for cashing in Crucible bounties and playing crucible. Equip a class item that increases Crucible rep.

Follow these tips and you’ll have plenty of reputation in short order. We’ll have more video strategy soon!