Destiny Armsday Inventory For March 15th

A fresh set of weapon orders is now available. 

March is going by fast, though there’s still plenty of Armsday goodness to enjoy before the month is over, including a fresh batch of weapon orders and test weapons during this week’s Armsday event.

In case you’re new to Destiny, or simply never bothered to check out Armsday until now, Armsday is a weekly event that takes place every Wednesday. During Armsday, Banshee-44 (the Tower’s resident Gunsmith vendor) offers a selection of special Legendary weapons which players can place orders for by spending Glimmer.

Once an order is placed, the player must wait until the next Armsday event (the following Wednesday) to pick up their weapon. The types of perks each Armsday weapon can have is randomized. If you’re dissatisfied with the weapon’s given perks, you can actually wait to pick up your Armsday order, as the weapon will be given new perks each week it isn’t picked up.

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However, in order to earn the ability to purchase orders, players must first progress their Gunsmith reputation track by taking the free test weapons Banshee-44 offers and completing specific tasks with them. Below you’ll find a list of weapon orders and test weapons offered by Banshee-44 during the week of March 15th:

Armsday Orders

  • ARI-41 - Suros Auto Rifle
  • Tamar-D - Häkke Sniper Rifle
  • PDX-41 - Suros Pulse Rifle
  • Gaheris-D - Häkke Hand Cannon
  • JLB-42 - Suros Rocket Launcher

Test Weapons

  • Omolon Test HC1 Hand Cannon – Earn precision kills.
  • Suros TSA-10 Auto Rifle – Earn Crucible kills.
  • Suros TSP-10 Pulse Rifle – Kill Hive.
  • Häkke Test-A Hand Cannon – Earn Crucible kills.
  • Häkke Test-A Auto Rifle – Kill Fallen.

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