Crazy Destiny Fan Theory May Explain the Origins of Xur

The Nine could potentially be linked to one of the game’s enemy factions. 

As the original Destiny begins to wind down in anticipation of this year’s sequel, we still don’t know that much about Xur, the mysterious merchant and Agent of the Nine who shows up in the Tower every weekend. However, one interesting (yet seemingly implausible) Reddit theory might have made a crack in the case.

Redditor bigblu85 recently put up this post on the official Destiny subreddit. In the post, bigblu85 talks about how Ancient Athens was ruled by a group of nine individuals who were called Archons and how there’s a class of enemies within the Fallen faction who are also called Archons. Next, bigblu85 points out that nine different Fallen houses (clans) have been confirmed as part of Destiny’s lore:

  • Devils
  • Kings
  • Winter
  • Exile
  • Wolves
  • Rain
  • Stone
  • Iron
  • Judgment

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No direct links are offered in bigblu85’s original thread, but they seem to be indicating that the Agents of the Nine (and thus Xur himself) could in fact be a secretive group of Fallen who want to aid mankind in some small way.

Sadly, commenters in bigblu85’s thread found some hard-to-ignore holes in the original argument, such as the fact there’s actually a tenth Fallen house called House Scar which is briefly referenced by the friendly Fallen merchant Variks.

Furthermore, according to this piece of concept art, the Fallen and smoke-like race of creatures which Xur (and presumably the Nine themselves) is a member of are clearly separate species. Still, it’s an interesting theory to ponder, especially now that we’re on the cusp of entering a brand new age of Destiny lore.

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