Redditors Want Destiny's Age of Triumph Event to be Official

A few simple cosmetic changes would go a long way. 

Destiny’s Age of Triumph event is set to arrive on March 28th and the game’s Reddit community has some ideas on how Bungie could give the event a more official welcome.

Speaking in a recent thread on the Destiny subreddit, user Suhn-Sol-Jashin outlined a few quality-of-life changes which, if implemented, would allow the Age of Triumph event to feel more official for both new and veteran players. Suhn-Sol-Jashin’s suggestions are as follows:

  • Getting rid of the Rise of Iron axe icons which currently appear in the top right corner of gear tooltips. The axe icon signifies that the gear is the newest and best available which will no longer be true once Age of Triumph is live.
  • Changing the Destiny application icon (the one that appears in your console’s home menu) from the snow-covered Rise of Iron design to the Age of Triumph “Aetas Triumphi” crest. Again, this would help to signify that Rise of Iron content is no longer current.
  • Swapping the “Rise of Iron” subtitle on the game’s title screen to “Age of Triumph” and also switching the title/orbit screen music to what it was back when Destiny first launched. This would both help to convey the transition to Age of Triumph and pay tribute to how far Destiny has come since its original release.

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Sadly, Bungie itself has yet to reply to Suhn-Sol-Jashin’s requests, but commenters in the thread all seem to be unanimously in favor of the suggestions made. We’ll have to wait until March 28 to see if Bungie takes any of the suggested ideas to heart.

In the meantime, be sure to read about how the Age of Triumph event will make all of Destiny's raids worth revisiting.

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