Destiny's Age of Triumph Will Make Every Raid Worth Revisiting

All four raids will be bumped up to 390 Light.

During yesterday’s livestream, Bungie revealed the first major details of Destiny’s upcoming Age of Triumph event including the expansive record book, and how all of the game’s raids are worth revisiting one last time.

When Age of Triumph begins on March 28th, players will receive an event-exclusive record book which contains a whopping 13 pages worth of challenges and tasks to complete.

Some of these challenges will be retroactive (meaning any progress you made towards them before the event began will count), while others won’t start tracking your stats until after the Age of Triumph event has officially begun. Each page will focus on a different fact of Destiny such as raids, Crucible, Trials of Osiris, exploration, individual classes, and more.

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As players complete challenges and progress their rank within the record book, they’ll unlock exclusive emblems which denote mastery of different parts of the game. Reaching rank seven (the highest rank) will also unlock a special out-of-game offer—the ability to buy a commemorative Age of Triumph t-shirt personalized to display your gamertag.

Bungie notes that reaching rank seven only requires the completion of about three-fourths of the entire record book, so don’t fret if there are certain game elements you’d rather avoid. As for Destiny’s raids, all four currently available raids (Vault of Glass, Crota’s End, Kingsfall, and Wrath of the Machine) will get 390 Light versions complete with updated gear and challenges.

Age of Triumph will also feature a new weekly raid playlist which makes one raid per week eligible for bonus rewards such as exclusive item ornaments, though weekly raids will also have all of their associated challenge modes active, making everything a bit more difficult.

Bungie will discuss additional Age of Triumph details in the weeks to come (two more Age of Triumph livestreams are scheduled for March 15th and March 22nd). On top of this, Bungie also promised more information on Destiny 2 will be coming soon, as Destiny’s Age of Triumph will be the game’s last major event.

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