Vault of Glass Will Return in Destiny's Age of Triumph Event

A new trailer confirms the classic raid’s resurgence. 

After Bungie initially teased the return of the Vault of Glass raid through screenshots coinciding with the announcement of Destiny’s Age of Triumph event, a new trailer has now confirmed the classic raid will somehow be involved in the event. 

The trailer below reveals the Age of Triumph event and how it will be pretty significant, acting as a sort of dynamic epilogue for Destiny as Bungie slowly shifts its priorities over to this year’s planned sequel.

In addition to new story cinematics and a new record book, the event will also feature the Vault of Glass raid in some capacity. However, it’s unclear whether it will be a revamped version of the raid or simply a new quest objective that requires revising the raid’s original version. 

Bungie will no doubt answer any burning Vault of Glass questions during tomorrow’s Age of Triumph livestream which is set to begin at 10 a.m. PST (1 p.m. EST). Additional details regarding the Age of Triumph event will be revealed in future livestreams scheduled for March 15th and March 22nd.

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