Destiny - The Collection is on Sale for $40 on Xbox One

An excellent price point for the entire Destiny experience. 

If you’ve yet to upgraded to the full Destiny - The Collection version of the game (which includes the core experience and all previously released DLC expansions), or if you’re looking for a good excuse to get your friends in on the action, the Xbox One version of Destiny’s definitive experience can currently be had at a hefty discount.

According to this Reddit source, there’s currently a week-long deal (lasting until next Tuesday) going on which knocks the price of Destiny - The Collection down from $60 to $40. The only condition required to take advantage of the discount is that the buyer must already have an active Xbox Live Gold subscription. Although, seeing as how Xbox Live Gold is pretty much mandatory to enjoy the full breadth of Destiny, the point is moot.

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Knocking $20 off of an otherwise full-priced $60 purchase may not seem significant to some, but considering the total value which Destiny - The Collection offers (the expansive base game plus all four currently available expansions, including Rise of Iron), it’s certainly not one to scoff at either. If you want to take advantage of the discount yourself, you can check out Destiny - The Collection over on the Microsoft Store.

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